Can’t stand the bad breath of your Afghan Shepherd anymore? You’re asking yourself: How to get rid of my Afghan Shepherd bad breath fast? What can I give my Afghan Shepherd for bad breath at home?

Discover where the bad breath problem comes from in your Afghan Shepherd and what are the solutions to prevent the smell of your Afghan Shepherd from being an unpleasant foul and repulsive stench….

Your Afghan Shepherd has bad breath – Why?

When a Afghan Shepherd gives off a very bad smell as soon as it opens its mouth, it means that your dog suffers from “halitosis“, a medical term for bad breath.

This is common in dogs and can last for a long time if you do not intervene. But to solve this problem, we must first know its origin.

However, the causes of halitosis in your Afghan Shepherd can be multiple. Let’s look at all this in detail below.

Afghan Shepherd bad breath – Oral hygiene?

As with humans, poor oral hygiene, especially excess tartar on the teeth, causes dental problems and therefore a bad smell. Indeed, if you do nothing, your Afghan Shepherd may suffer from bacterial, viral or fungal infections on its plaque or gums.

Afghan Shepherd bad breath – Sickness?

If you have regularly done what is necessary to ensure that your Afghan Shepherd has perfect oral hygiene and that its jackal breath persists, it could be due to a disease. Bad breath is a symptom of gastrointestinal problems, esophagitis or inflammation of the esophageal tube.

Diabetes mellitus, inflammation of the nasal passages, rhinitis, sinusitis or other diseases can also be revealed by bad breath in your Afghan Shepherd.

You will have to observe your Afghan Shepherd and if you have any doubts, it is best to show it to your veterinarian.

Afghan Shepherd bad breath – Food and nutrition?

Very often, bad breath is caused by a diet that does not meet the needs of your Afghan Shepherd.

Indeed, poor nutrition can lead to elimination reactions in the stomach and cause unpleasant breath. Inadequate nutrition also changes the pH in the dog’s mouth and causes tartar to form on plaque.

Stop your Afghan Shepherd from having bad breath – What solutions?

Get rid of the Afghan Shepherd bad breath with a better diet

Indeed, just as nutrition is a crucial aspect for the health of your Afghan Shepherd, it is also an important aspect for its breath. And, to find out what is the best diet for your Afghan Shepherd, I recommend you read our article: What are the best dry foods for Afghan Shepherd?

Get rid of the Afghan Shepherd bad breath through better dental hygiene

To limit the formation of tartar, you will need to take care of your Afghan Shepherd’s teeth. To do this, it is recommended to brush at least once a week with a toothbrush or fingertip and a special dog toothpaste (which can be ingested by your Afghan Shepherd).

I-pure items Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

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We have not selected any classic dog toothbrushes because they are not practical. On the other hand, we have found this accessory that is sensational. With 360-degree peaks all around, this system will make it easier for you to clean your Afghan Shepherd’s teeth. The toothpaste gets inside and the Afghan Shepherd chews the stick by itself while brushing his teeth.

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Users testify to the ingenuity of this product. Testimonies tell that the dogs are all excited at the sight of this finger and enjoy the tooth care session.

In addition, the 360-degree design maximizes the cleaning area, and the bristles hold the toothpaste for a long time, which keeps my Afghan Shepherd motivated longer.

Recommendation of the toothpaste to be used with this fingertip: Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

If brushing your Afghan Shepherd’s teeth is too complicated, there are slides, sticks or fake chewing bones that will help it remove plaque. If you don’t know which ones to order, our selection below is a sure #1 selling value at Amazon.

Purina DentaLife

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Here is our selection of chewing sticks that you can give once a day to your Afghan Shepherd to maintain good oral hygiene. Indeed, if given regularly, this product effectively reduces scale formation. These treats have a slightly abrasive texture designed to allow friction on the teeth and active ingredients that help reduce tartar formation. They are low in fat, with no added sugars, artificial colours or flavours.

Made with a proprietary active-ingredient blend of honey and all-natural spirulina, active ingredients scientifically tested to attack bad breath at its source.

Users’ opinions

After reading the comments on the Internet, I noticed that users are satisfied with this product and recommend it because these sticks are effective and very much appreciated by the dogs.

Get rid of the Afghan Shepherd bad breath – Treating care

Nylabone Advanced Oral Liquid Tartar Remover Dog Health Supplies

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This anti-plaque solution for dogs must be mixed with drinking water. This product is very effective because it allows your Afghan Shepherd to benefit from a double action = fresh breath and anti-plaque.

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Users were able to appreciate the results of this product, which must be used regularly. In particular, they evaluated the practicality and simplicity of administering to their dog.

Get rid of the Afghan Shepherd bad breath – Consult a veterinarian

It is advisable to consult a veterinarian as soon as you suspect a pathology. But you can also go to your Afghan Shepherd’s vet if your Afghan Shepherd needs scaling or if he has an oral infection so that he can prescribe antibiotics or mouthwashes.

Also be aware that bad breath in Afghan Shepherd can be induced by the presence of worms in the digestive tract, so ideally, your pet should be dewormed at least twice a year.