You want to make your American Bulldog happy by giving him a bone to trim. But you also heard that there would be bones that you can give to your American Bulldog and others not, that sometimes it is dangerous to give a bone to your American Bulldog, that bones are not good for the health of your American Bulldog, etc….

With this article, you will understand under what circumstances a bone can be dangerous for your American Bulldog and that you must be vigilant about the quality of the bone you choose to give him. In summary, we will tell you bones to give your American Bulldog and what are dangerous bones for American Bulldog.

Why can a bone be dangerous for a American Bulldog?

If your American Bulldog cuts and then swallows some bones or pieces of bone, they can get stuck in its esophagus, cause perforation in the digestive system, intestinal perforation or intestinal obstruction (the bone can compact in the digestive tract and block transit).

What bone to give to a American Bulldog and those you shouldn’t give

All bones that break easily are dangerous for your American Bulldog. Cooked or raw bones as long as they are too thin, small, crumbly are not recommended. But cooked bones are even more dangerous because they will be more brittle. And among the bones not recommended for your American Bulldog, we can mention the bones of rabbits, chicken and poultry in general, lamb and sheep.

What bones to can give to your American Bulldog?

Give large raw bones

Some large bones chew without breaking. It will be necessary to ensure that they are solid and raw. Your American Bulldog will trim it but will not be able to break it up into small pieces and will therefore not ingest it. Thus, there is no risk of perforation or other complications. And with a big bone, your American Bulldog will spend time enjoying it, tasting it.

In addition, it will provide him with nutrients and an opportunity to unwind somewhere other than on your sneakers!

The ideal for your American Bulldog will be a beautiful raw beef bone ideally from the middle of a femur (because it will be large and very strong) or a sufficiently large raw marrow bone. Indeed, your American Bulldog must not be able to swallow it and choke on it.

You can ask your butcher or even find them in supermarkets.

Precautions to be taken with raw bones

Vous devrez surveiller votre American Bulldog et lui retirer l’os rongé avant qu’il ne devienne trop petit et qu’il ne tente de l’avaler. De plus, si votre American Bulldog enterre son os pour le récupérer quelques jours plus tard, le risque sera que l’os se soit séché et soit devenu plus cassant.

Give dog chews or sticks

They are often made of natural products made from meat, beef skin and are therefore very popular with doggies. Greedy and low in fat, they are much less risky than real bones. However, you still need to make sure that your American Bulldog does not swallow it in its entirety.

It is the ideal solution to please your American Bulldog, not to put him at risk and to always have a small stock of sweets at home (at hand). In addition, they allow your American Bulldog to maintain good dental hygiene.

Best bone for American Bulldog – Filled dog bone safe for him

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