Just as your Celtic Hounds needs to eat, sleep, walk… he needs to play.

Indeed, the game satisfies his social needs.  Your Celtic Hounds asks to communicate with humans and with other Celtic Hounds to be in a good balance. Playing strengthens his relationship with you and/or with other dogs when possible.

But playing with your Celtic Hounds is also what stimulates it, channels it and often allows it to exercise.

Finally, the game can also be the solution to fight against loneliness when you leave your Celtic Hounds alone for hours…

But, most of all, for your Celtic Hounds, the moments of play must be moments of pleasure. Gambling should be an activity that you should often offer to your Celtic Hounds to educate him and strengthen the bonds and complicity that unite you.

But how to find your way around cords, balls, toys… This article has selected for you the 5 best toys for Celtic Hounds.

Squeaky toy for puppies and young Celtic Hounds 

Multipet Latex Chicken Globken Dog Toy

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Squeaky toy one of the 5 best toys for dogs

These squeaky toys are available in several colours. They are made to be bitten and produce a noise when the Celtic Hounds plays with them. This type of toy is particularly suitable for a young Celtic Hounds who wants to chew all the time.  This toy is also recommended for Celtic Hounds puppies who have a strong need to chew in order to calm their tensions, soothe their gums and keep busy. Offering him this toy helps to limit destructive behaviour and satisfy this need.

The noises will distract and satisfy your Celtic Hounds. In addition, this noise acts as a stimulant and will encourage your Celtic Hounds to play even more.

Users’ opinions

Comments from Celtic Hounds owners indicate that their puppies are having a great time there. Many of them say that this toy arouses their puppy’s interest in the game and keeps them busy for several hours. They are mostly satisfied and indicate that the toy is very resistant.

One person testifies to the playfulness of the toy by stating that, as soon as his Celtic Hounds heard the sound of his chicken, he became mad. That he spends many hours chewing on it…

The ball – A classic and a sure value for Celtic Hounds

The ball is of course one of the 5 best toys for Celtic Hounds. But among the many models on the market, which one to choose?

First of all, I do not recommend tennis balls with abrasive fibers. Also know that foam balls are not very resistant in a Celtic Hounds jaw! I have selected among the hundreds of balls on the web, the Chuckit Ultra Ball.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

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One of the 5 best toys the ball pack of 2

You throw the ball, the Celtic Hounds runs, you hide the ball, he looks for it… So you can get your Celtic Hounds to exercise if he is a little lazy. And you will share moments of complicity.

Not cumbersome, you can take it everywhere and share good exchanges with your Celtic Hounds on holidays, at the sea, in the countryside…

Users’ opinions

The comments are all positive about the strength and resistance of this ball. Many order the large model and use this ball for its balloon function.

Other testimonies say that this ball is their Celtic Hounds’s favorite toy.

Frisbee – The KONG FLYER the best for Celtic Hounds

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Frisbee - The KONG FLYER the best

One of the 5 best toys for Celtic Hounds, is the Frisbee KONG FLYER. This toy has the same advantages as the ball but may be even more effective in getting your Celtic Hounds to run and therefore exercise. This toy will resist your Celtic Hounds’s teeth better than a classic Frisbee. Indeed, it is made of good quality natural rubber.

The advantages of the KONG FLYER are numerous :

  • Solidity because of the quality of the material;
  • Easy to grasp and very precise when thrown, it is the perfect toy to play with your Celtic Hounds in a rowing throw;
  • Kong Frisbee flies far enough. It is therefore excellent for a good workout and outdoor training session.

Users’ opinions

Celtic Houndss owners find it light, strong, durable and foldable. A large majority of them are satisfied. One person pointed out that this toy is suitable for both large dogs and small ones. Another says it can be left in the sun for several days without deforming. Another states that this toy folds easily into a pocket and washes under water.

Of course everyone recommends this Frisbee to play in the middle of nature.

Reflection toys – Trixie products for Celtic Hounds

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Reflection toys Trixie products game for your dog

The principle of Trixie toys is to hide a sweets in a puzzle and the Celtic Hounds must find the trick to access the sweets and be able to eat them.

Why choose the Trixie toys for your Celtic Hounds?

This type of toy is perfect for the education of your Celtic Hounds. Gourmet, he never tires and becomes more and more clever… This toy will help him learn patience, concentration, develop his memory and intelligence.

Be careful, there may be a disadvantage:

Too impatient, the Celtic Hounds may destroy the toy to get the food faster. So it’s best to watch him when he plays it.

Users’ opinions

The users’ opinions are all very positive. It is a very well rated product. All mention that the size is appropriate and that the game’s functions are effective. A majority of the comments insist on the awakening of intelligence and the playful side that this game brings.

One of the best toys for Celtic Hounds – The Classic Kong

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1 of the best DOG toys - The Kong MEDIUM BREED

The KONG is part of the toys of reflection or strategy. But it also has functions of balls, occupation game… It is a kind of big red ball with a hole inside. The principle is to hide sweets, cheese, bread, croquettes… and it’s up to you to play with your Celtic Hounds!

A Kong to stimulate the intelligence of your Celtic Hounds

You can use a CLASSIC kong by filling it with food and hiding it. When you tell your Celtic Hounds to go get it, the kong will have a function of stimulating intelligence, memory and awakening the sense of smell. In addition, you can play both inside and outside.

A Kong for moments of complicity while playing with your Celtic Hounds

Outdoors, you throw the kong. This one, by its particular shape and its material, will bounce in all directions in an unpredictable way. Your Celtic Hounds will have fun running after you to bring him back proudly. He will then be rewarded with a treat.

A Kong to fight against the Celtic Hounds anguish of separation

The majority of the Celtic Hounds are distressed by separation and loneliness. This stressful situation leads them to unwanted behaviour (barking, moaning, destruction…). This separation anxiety almost always manifests itself in the first 20 minutes when your Celtic Hounds is alone.

However, if you give him a well-stocked KONG Classic when you leave, his attention will be diverted when you leave. He will be busy and focused on the kong for several tens of minutes, which will prevent him from feeling abandoned, anxious or stressed.

Be careful when your Celtic Hounds is using it

You must also give your Celtic Hounds a full KONG even when you do not intend to leave home. This way, you will avoid that he systematically associates the kong with your departure.

Users’ opinions

Internet users are happy to have bought it. They all highlight the quality and durability of the toy by calling it indestructible. Many certify that their Celtic Hounds still plays it without tiring and has been doing so for several years. All say they are satisfied with the kong’s missions. They call it fun, strategic and all recommend it for purchase.

Many comments describe this product as one of the best toys for Celtic Hounds. One person, for example, calls this toy perfect and essential when he says that his Celtic Hounds plays it every day!

Without hesitation, we can conclude that the Kong CLASSIC is one of the best toys for Celtic Hounds. But there are many others Kong toys, if you don’t know which other Kong to choose, look at the post: The best 5 kong for a Celtic Hounds.