Perfume or cologne for Shikoku? You can’t stand the bad smell your Shikoku may have at times? While you wash your Shikoku regularly, your Shikoku has a strong odor or sometimes smells like wet Shikoku.

If you no longer want to be disturbed by these unpleasant odours, you should remember that there is the cologne or perfume solution for Shikoku. And, as there are dozens of brands on the market, here is our selection of the 3 best perfumes for Shikoku with their characteristics.

Why use a dog perfume for your Shikoku?

Perfuming your Shikoku will be the easy and effective way to mask bad smells very quickly. In fact, an eau de toilette, a deodorant or a perfume will give your Shikoku a pleasant smell and a feeling of freshness.

Just as you need to use a shampoo for dog to wash your Shikoku, you will need to use a perfume for dog for your Shikoku. Indeed, a cologne or a perfume for humans will not be adapted to your Shikoku especially in terms of Ph, components and fragrance. For example, if you use a traditional brand perfume, your Shikoku, whose smell is much more developed than that of men, may be inconvenienced because the smell will be too strong for it. It is therefore essential to use a perfume adapted to your Shikoku.

How to choose a perfume for your Shikoku?

Of course, you should not put any perfume for dog on your Shikoku. A good perfume for your Shikoku must not contain alcohol and must be specially formulated for (adapted to) the skin, hair and smell of your Shikoku.  It will be preferable to choose a product whose hypoallergenic formula will minimize the risk of allergy and will respect the skin of your Shikoku.

Finally, you will have to think about the pleasant side of the perfume because it is you who will smell this odour everyday! And if the smell is really nice, remember to spray the equipment, the cushion, the towel… of your Shikoku.

Our selection of the best perfumes for Shikoku

Best perfume for Shikoku – Best value for money

OUT! Dog Cologne Body Mist Spray 

Without alcohol, this cologne has been developed to eliminate the bad smells that can emanate from your Shikoku and to bring a fresh odour. This perfume will respect the skin and coat of your Shikoku and you will enjoy smelling its pleasant and light fragrance.

This eau de toilette exists (is available) in 2 scents, both equally pleasant.

Users’ opinions

Most of the comments are positive: Very good product; I recommend; Super fragrance; Ideal for my Shikoku… Internet users particularly appreciate the pleasant perfume and the good smell duration of the product. Others say it is the perfect solution to switch between 2 showers and that they have not found any allergy problems.

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Best perfume for Shikoku – The most efficient

Furminator Odorizing Waterless Dog Spray

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This deodorant spray is very effective, it neutralizes and eliminates odors to leave a nice soft and pleasant smell. The perfume will last several days on the hair of your Shikoku. Of high quality, hypoallergenic, it is well tolerated by all Shikoku and allows to space the baths in winter period.

This spray, easy and quick to use, neutralizes and eliminates odours as soon as it comes into contact with the coat.

Users’ opinions

This perfume is a real success with the owners of Shikoku. Product well rated on the Internet, especially for its low price and efficiency. Many appreciated that the smell is pleasant and not aggressive and that it stays on the coat of the Shikoku for a long time.

Best perfume for Shikoku – The most pleasant and natural

Natural Pet Cologne

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With quality ingredients and innovative design, this fragrance will leave your Shikoku with a smooth, shiny and pleasant smell. Its formula, based on natural and alcohol-free products, will not dry out the skin of your Shikoku and can be easily applied with the spray.

The natural spray for Shikoku Cologne offers several scents and its natural formula will allow you to use it as often as you want because it is safe for your Shikoku.

Users’ opinions

Excellent; Perfect; Top; Top; I love; Super efficient… the qualifiers are very numerous and excellent according to the users’ opinions. Internet users explain that they use it often and everywhere. They spray their sofas and curtains with it because this cologne leaves a very soothing smell.