After the joy and the excitement of getting your small Hortaya borzaya at home, comes now the time of complications… Your puppy Hortaya borzaya is peeing and pooping everywhere in your house which irritates and worries you in some ways.

Now, you know you’re going to have to train your puppy to be clean. But questions have to be answered: When should you start training him to get clean? How do you make your Hortaya borzaya permanently clean? What are the methods to potty train your Hortaya borzaya quickly? How long will the toilet training take? When my Hortaya borzaya will be housebroker?

Make your Hortaya borzaya puppy clean – What is the minimum age?

Puppies have a different metabolism than adult dogs. Indeed, their organs and muscles are not fully developed and do not allow them to retain like the adults. A Hortaya borzaya puppy will only be able to hold back from urinating after 3 months. In addition, the average duration of the retention will be a maximum of 2 hours. This is why a majority of people start potty training when their Hortaya borzaya are 3 months old.

But, even if your Hortaya borzaya is only 8 weeks old when you install him at home, I advise you to prepare your puppy for this education without of course teaching him to retain because it would be a waste of time! This way, you will have a short time in advance about the good practices and reflexes that your Hortaya borzaya should have.

As your Hortaya borzaya muscles’ capacity to contain themselves will gradually increase, you will need to be patient and coherent with your puppy’s development. You cannot require him to be clean in 15 days. You will have to plan that your Hortaya borzaya will be clean between 4 and 7 months on average, depending on the environment and the time you spend educating it.

Hortaya borzaya puppies potty training – What not to do?

Without having first educated your Hortaya borzaya, there are some things you should absolutely avoid:

  • Don’t leave him alone inside your home for a whole day without taking him out and then shout at him in the evening when you get home from work. As we saw above, your puppy can’t hold back for 7 or 8 hours and scolding him won’t help because he won’t understand.
  • Don’t put his nose in his pee thinking you’ll disgust him and he won’t do it again. The smell of urine will not repel your puppy and he will not understand that it is punishment. Moreover, he cannot guess that inside the house, he is not allowed to pee.
  • Do not use the cleaning carpet. Indeed, if you want to teach your Hortaya borzaya to do his business outside, a tidy carpet will do the opposite of what you teach him since he will be inside your home. Moreover, your Hortaya borzaya will not learn to hold back since he will have the carpet at his disposal whenever he wants.
  • Do not pick up poop in front of your puppy and do not use bleach to clean your home because the smell of bleach can cause your Hortaya borzaya to urinate again in the same place.

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Hortaya borzaya puppies potty training – What to do?

Train your Hortaya borzaya to refrain from urinating

The sphincters, which are the muscles that allow your Hortaya borzaya to contain itself, can be trained to retain longer. This means starting to hold your Hortaya borzaya for small one-hour periods and gradually increase these periods by 15 minutes, then by 30 minutes, then by 1 hour and so on. This training should be done over 3 to 4 weeks. That’s why it’s a good idea to take your holidays as soon as your Hortaya borzaya is adopted. This will allow you the necessary time to start learning.

Be aware that normally, a Hortaya borzaya can refrain from urinating for 4 hours at the age of 6-7 months. But if you have used the above method, to get much better results!

Teach your Hortaya borzaya that he has to pee when he goes out

To do this, you will have to define and show your Hortaya borzaya where he will have to defecate. So, from day to day, you will take him out and take him to that place so that he can always pee in the same place. When you take him away, you always use the same sentence: “Come on, let’s go to toilet”. For him to understand correctly, he will have to be congratulated or rewarded when he goes to pee on his own.

For this to be efficient, the training must be done regularly, always at the same time. So by developing a routine, he will get used to it easier and will adjust to peeing outside as soon as you take him out. In this way, you can also always follow the same way to get to his toilet. Thus, your Hortaya borzaya will quickly be conditioned to go in the usual direction to reach its little area.

If you have already taught him that he must relieve himself outside and you catch him peeing inside, you should yell NO! scold him and take him out immediately without waiting until he is finished. You will accompany him to his own toilet area. Thus, he will associate his action with the fact that you scold him and thus understand the prohibition. Remember to congratulate him if he finishes urinating in his toilet space.

Take out your Hortaya borzaya regularly

While you are training your Hortaya borzaya to hold on longer and longer, you will also be spacing out his pee outlets more and more. From 8 to 10 times a day for the first month, you will gradually increase to 3 to 4 times a day when he is 6-7 months old.

That’s why, if you work all day and leave your puppy inside, it’s a good idea to give the keys to your home to a neighbour or a student so that he or she can take it out during the day.

Hortaya borzaya puppies potty training – How long does it take?

Usually, a puppy will be clean during the day and at night around 6-7 months. But if you have enough time and patience to educate him as indicated above, your Hortaya borzaya can be totally clean from the age of 4 months!