You have noticed that the claws of your Bull Terrier are too long. This can have negative consequences. Indeed, more serious than your parquet floor or your scratched sofa, your Bull Terrier can be embarrassed to walk, can slide on the floor or suffer if the claws start to grow in its skin like ingrown nails… So what to do?
This article will help you discover when and how to cut the claws of your Bull Terrier. You will also discover that there is another very practical and less dangerous solution and help you to choose between dog nail clipper, trimmer or dog nail grinder for your Bull Terrier?

When do you have to cut off your Bull Terrier’s claws?

Usually, the Bull Terrier’s claws wear naturally when it regularly walks on hard surfaces (asphalt, tar, concrete, paving stones…). So there’s no need to cut off your Bull Terrier nails if he goes out regularly. But for a Bull Terrier that doesn’t got out often enough, the phenomenon of wear and tear will not be enough and its claws will grow too much excessively.

Cutting his claws will thus be necessary as soon as you hear your Bull Terrier tap dancing on the floor, as soon as his claws start to protrude a little too much from the pads. Normally, your Bull Terrier’s legs should rest on its pads and not on its claws.

Who can cut the nails of a Bull Terrier?

The safest way is to ask the veterinarian or a groomer. Indeed, these professionals are used to and well equipped to properly cut the claws of your Bull Terrier. But if you want to do it yourself, there are techniques to know and equipment that you can get to deal directly with this problem.

How to cut the nails of your Bull Terrier?

Get your Bull Terrier used to being handled

It is important to take your Bull Terrier from time to time to handle its legs. Every time he lets himself be done, remember to congratulate him and reward him with a little treat. Thus, from day to day, your Bull Terrier will be more docile and will remain calm the day you have to cut its claws. Think about it because this training can take a few weeks.

Which tool to cut Bull Terrier claws?

To cut Bull Terrier claws, it is recommended to choose a specific claw cutter (dog nail clipper) available in all pet stores, supermarkets or on the web (see the selected product below).

How to proceed to cut the claws of a Bull Terrier?

  • First of all, clean the legs of your Bull Terrier thoroughly;
  • Bring a lamp, a dog nail trimmer and some candy;
  • Sit on the ground in a well-lit place and have your Bull Terrier lie or sit next to you;
  • Take a leg and with the lamp, light up to locate the part where the vein of the claw is located to preserve it and cut only the small part without vein;
  • You can proceed gradually by cutting the claw end by end and stopping as soon as you see a point in the middle;
  • Remember to reward your Bull Terrier to keep him motivated;
  • Then you repeat this operation for all the claws of your Bull Terrier.

Best material for Bull Terrier nails

Best dog nail clipper for Bull Terrier

Epica #1 Best professional dog nail clipper

This is surely the best dog nail clipper on the market. Indeed, it is very efficient because it has stainless steel blades that ensure a clean and professional cutting edge. In addition, the tool has a protective, safety stop to avoid overcutting the nail. This way, you won’t risk hurting your Bull Terrier.

Users’ opinions

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, comments on Amazon are mostly very positive: Perfect, great, great, top, super, very practical, excellent, super efficient, super high performance… Internet users confirm that this tool is of quality and that the security system is practical so as not to cut too short. A lady tells us that she has a big dog of more than 20kg with very thick nails; that until then, all the nail clippers she had used were not suitable and that with this one the cut is straight and precise. She also says that protection is a real plus because it is not always easy not to cut too short.

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Best dog nail grinder for Bull Terrier

Too afraid of cutting too short, hurting your Bull Terrier, not being able to do it properly? Then it will be better to choose an other solution. Indeed, you can regularly trim the claws of your Bull Terrier. To do this, either you use sandpaper (but it will be very long) or a filing machine specifically designed for this task (see dog nail grinder below).

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded – Professional

We have selected an electric grinder that is simply revolutionary!
Simply put the filing claw in the notch of the device and let the file grind the nail of your Bull Terrier. It’s simple, painless and effective! This device charges on a USV port in 1 hour. Full power autonomy of 4 hours.

Users’ opinions

Users are very satisfied. For example, this lady who says that her Bull Terrier has black claws and that it’s hard to find the limit of the nerve. She says that this fileer prevents her from cutting the claws with a claw cutter but that she should use it regularly. Another indicates that the wheel is soft and when it is in use, if you touch your skin with a short moment, you feel nothing, yet it files perfectly, the claws are well worn afterwards. It also specifies that recharging is fast and charging allows several sessions.

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