Keeping your Turnspit on a leash in the city, on the street, on country roads… is a legal obligation. So, it’s a fact, when you do a walk with your Turnspit, you have to keep him on a leash.

We will see in this article that there are other reasons why you should use a leash to walk your Turnspit. We will therefore advise you to choose the leash adapted to your Turnspit and will propose you our selection of the 3 best leashes for Turnspit.

Why do you have to keep your Turnspit on a leash?

Simply to avoid accidents. Indeed, an Turnspit can quickly be out of control when it crosses a female in horn, when it is exposed to food, to an odor… It can quickly escape its owner. Without being held, the risk will be that he will attack another animal or even a child. Impulsively, it could even cross a street or an avenue and cause a traffic accident or be run over….

Thus, keeping your Turnspit on a leash is simply a precautionary principle.

How to make the leash a pleasure thing for your Turnspit?

Keeping your Turnspit on a leash is not synonymous with constraint and difficulties. You can easily walk your Turnspit on a leash and make this walk a real moment of relaxation, pleasant and privileged for you and your dog.

To achieve this result, I advise you to train your Turnspit as soon as possible and very gradually to walk on a leash. And if you want the training to be done in the best possible conditions, just like the choice of collar or harness, the choice of leash is essential.

You must choose the right equipment according to the use you will have (walks, education, sport…) and the specificities of your Turnspit (age, weight, character…). With this post, we will help you to select the best equipment for your Turnspit.

How to choose a good leash for your Turnspit?

In addition to the esthetical aspect as well as the colour, a good leash will be a leash:

  • which will not become worn too quickly and will last for a very long time;
  • equipped with a reliable, solid and safe closure;
  • perfectly adapted to the size of your Turnspit.

Which size should the leash of your Turnspit be?

  • For puppies, a long leash or lanyard may be useful for their education. Of course, you will have to change leashes as the dog grows.
  • For a medium sized Turnspit, a leash of 1m to 1m20 will have a good length for daily walks.
  • During walks in the forest, in the countryside, in the mountains, a long leash or a lanyard will allow your Turnspit more freedom while being attached.
  • For a stronger and more powerful Turnspit, a shorter (50 cm) and wider lead is recommended.

Which material to choose for a good leash?

  • For a puppy, it will be advisable to take a light and long leash. Nylon leashes are perfectly suited for young Turnspit.
  • For an adult Turnspit, a leather leash will be ideal. Indeed, it will be of quality, solid and resistant while being pleasant to handle.
  • Heavier metal leashes are more suitable for powerful or large Turnspit that must be held firmly and very tightly close to us.

What are the best leashes for a Turnspit?

Below, you will find a selection of the 3 best leashes for Turnspit that will perfectly meet your requirements and the specificities of your dog.

For small daily walks and for puppies – Nylon leashes

The BAAPET leash – one of the cheapest

Look at the price

Why choose the BAAPET leash?

  • Because the leash is light but very strong and solid.
  • The 100% nylon fabric and its braiding will prevent your Turnspit from destroying this leash.
  • It absorbs shocks with its handle that does not burn your hands while helping you maintain a firm grip on your Turnspit.
  • Its size is ideal.
  • It is of very good quality with a very strong hook.

Users’ feedback

All opinions converge on the solidity and resistance of this leash. Many comments describe it as perfect, saying that it is neither too short nor too long.

A user indicates that its handle is comfortable and does not hurt when its Turnspit pulls hard. Many people recommend it for buying.

For long walks or educational training sessions – Long adjustable leashes

The TUG Patented 360° Tangle-Free, Retractable Dog Leash

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Why choose this leash for your Turnspit?

  • Because it is a retractable leash that can be adjusted to the length you need. Of a good length which is necessary for the comfort of your Turnspit, it turns into a short leash when your Turnspit needs to be held close to you. So you can use the long leash for relaxed walks where your Turnspit can sniff, track and walk more quietly. But you can also use the shorter leash for busy sidewalks, bike paths or crowded areas…
  • It is a top-of-the-range leash made of a quality material that will withstand the test of time.
  • The clasp is strong: its lock will never rust and can withstand enormous traction.

Users’ feedback

Product rated 4 stars on Amazon. Users are all satisfied with the product and are pleased to have purchased it.

A Turnspit owner explains that when he received the package, he had an excellent surprise as to the quality because he finds it very strong. Finally, he emphasizes that the price is unbeatable for a material of this quality!

Another user confirms that this leash is suitable for walking in the city and that in the long version it is perfect for the countryside.

To practice sports with your Turnspit – Extendible leash and hands-free

TaoTronics Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

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Why choose this sports leash for your Turnspit?

This leash is specially designed for running with your Turnspit. It is supplied with a very comfortable belt on which the leash is fixed. This way, you can walk your Turnspit with your hands and arms free. Here are the main qualities of this equipment:

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Tear-resistant material and all other parts are of high quality and designed for long-term use.
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: With this leash, you can always move freely and jog, cycle, walk, hike… The leash can extend up so your Turnspit will have enough space to follow you.
  • AMORTISSANT: Elastic, it absorbs movement and pressure. This makes the movement of the Turnspit more comfortable and the traction on the leash is damped.
  • SAFETY: At night, the reflectors manufactured in three rows on the Turnspit leash and hip belt ensure the safety of the Turnspit and its owner.
  • BEST PRICE : Because it’s cheap and good, it’s an Amazon’s choice!

Users’ feedback

With very good evaluation scores, customers say they like its length, the quality of the materials, the handles, the many adjustment options (including the ability to quickly grab the control if necessary), the belt and the price (very competitive). And many people say that it is the ideal equipment to play sports with his Turnspit.