You have read our post about the different methods of transporting your Welsh Hillman by car and have chosen to take a travel cage. Now the question is how to choose the best crate for your Welsh Hillman? How to find a solid and IATA approved crate if you have to travel by air with your Welsh Hillman? Which will be the most secure, practical and suitable travel crate for your Welsh Hillman?


Traveling by car – Why a travel crate for a Welsh Hillman?

Choosing a transport crate or a cage for your Welsh Hillman is a good option because:

  • With a crate you can put your Welsh Hillman in the trunk of your car;
  • Your Welsh Hillman is transported safely. Indeed, if it is not in a cage, in case of an accident, your Welsh Hillman will be a projectile that nothing will hold back.
  • In a cage, your dog will not be able to move inside the car and therefore disturb you while you are driving. This is a guarantee of safety for the driver.

Traveling by car – How to choose a travel crate for a Welsh Hillman?

There are several sizes of crates, each adapted to the morphology of your puppy or Welsh Hillman adult (sizes S, M, L or XL).

To know which one to choose, measure the dimension between the animal’s head and the ground, the height of the box must be at least 3 cm higher. Then, it is necessary to measure the dimension between the nose and the base of the tail, the length of the body should be 12 cm longer to allow your Welsh Hillman to stand and move inside.

Of course, it will also be necessary to check that the chosen cage contains in the trunk of your car.

Traveling by car – Which travel crate for a Welsh Hillman

According to recent crash tests carried out to test the best transport solutions for dogs in cars, it appears in terms of safety that the best crates are metal crates. Designed for all types and sizes of dogs, they have proven to be more stable, more resistant and very practical.

Most often placed in the trunk, to guarantee the safety of your Welsh Hillman, the most important thing will be that the transport box is properly secured, wedged, attached, hung so that it does not move at the slightest movement of the car (braking, turning, acceleration).

Traveling by car – Best travel crate for Welsh Hillman

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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 the best crate for dogs

We have selected this model because it is very practical. Indeed, you can fold and store it because, once folded, it does not take up any space. This model is perfect in terms of safety for your Welsh Hillman: no angles, corners, or pieces of metal protruding and that could hurt it. The metal structure is stable, robust and durable. In addition, it is easy to use and can be installed and folded in a matter of seconds.

Users’ opinions

Super quality, good size, resistant, practical… I have noticed many complimentary comments on the practicality and the very good value for money of this crate.


Traveling by air – Why a travel crate for a Welsh Hillman?

To travel by plane with a Welsh Hillman, airlines require (depending on the size and weight of your dog) to put him in cargo hold or in cabin. And, for travel in the hold, Airlines require Welsh Hillman owners to equip themselves with a special air travel crate that is IATA certified.

Traveling by air – IATA standards

If your Welsh Hillman has to travel in the hold, you will need to use an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved crate. These cages must meet very specific standards and norms imposed by the IATA association: rigid plastic or fibreglass shell, stability (no wheels), security of the closure by two fixing points (top and bottom), etc…. This is why it is imperative to buy an IATA certified cage.

Traveling by air – How to choose a travel crate for a Welsh Hillman?

Here is pictures showing how to choose the size of the IATA approved Transport Crate according to the size of your dog or your puppy.

Traveling by air choose a travel crate

Traveling by air – Best travel crate for Welsh Hillman

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

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XXL Best travel crate IATA certified

Among the IATA approved crates, this is the one we have selected for its many qualities, the good ratings on the web but also for its very low price. It is the one with the best quality/price ratio.

Users’ opinions

There are many comments on the Internet and the majority are more than positive. They point out in particular the perfect design of this crate and its quality. A lady also describes this cage as very practical, robust, door that opens easily, spacious, perfect for her Welsh Hillman!

The locking system is very appreciated because it is very secure and solid. And the fact that it is accepted by the airlines is the main argument of those who recommend it.