You’re bored because your Kaikadi keeps running away all the time. Not only is it annoying to have to look for him all the time, but more importantly, you are afraid that he will be crushed or lost… Don’t panic, you will see with this post that there are solutions to stop your Kaikadi from running away.

Preventing a Kaikadi from running away – what not to do

Your Kaikadi runaway – Never beat or punish him

Whatever the cause:

  • to go elsewhere,
  • need to hunt,
  • attraction to a female or male,
  • as the case may be because he’s bored or for any other reason….

you should never punish or beat your Kaikadi for running away. He will not understand why you are punishing him and your reaction will have no positive effect. On the contrary, by creating a conflict, you may motivate him to leave again…

Your Kaikadi runaway – Do not lock him up or attach him

Are you afraid that your Kaikadi will run away again and therefore prefer to leave it inside your home while having a garden?

This is not the right solution because your dog will be better off outside and may be unhappy inside, especially if he has not been used to it since he was a puppy. It can become destructive and attack your furniture, your shoes….

Similarly, don’t attach your Kaikadi to prevent it from leaving!

Not only will you mistreat your pet because that will make him really unhappy, but it will also have the opposite effect. Indeed, if you tie him at the end of a chain, he will want to escape even more….

Preventing a Kaikadi from running away – what to do

Your Kaikadi runaway – You’ ll have to educate him

Here are some tips so that your Kaikadi stays at home and doesn’t want to go elsewhere:

  • Try to make him love his territory by playing with him regularly in your garden;
  • To keep him from getting bored, you’ll have to leave him enough toys to scatter in the garden when you leave;
  • Take your Kaikadi out regularly so that it can let off steam. The ideal will be to walk him daily but when you work, it’s a little complicated… so, you’ll have to take him out as often as possible at least on weekends..;
  • When you leave, leave him a full Kong so he won’t be anxious about the separation. You will have to get your Kaikadi used to your absence gradually leaving him with his Kong for 1 hour to start, then 3 hours, then 5 hours, etc…
  • If your Kaikadi systematically runs away to join females in heat, castration may be a solution if nothing else works.

Your Kaikadi runaway – Put a good fence in place

A good closure is a simple and effective solution. If your fence is a little “light”, I advise you to build fences high enough and strong enough to withstand your Kaikadi.

Your Kaikadi runaway – Wireless dog collar fence system

If it is not possible to effectively fence your entire property, you may be interested in a virtual fence solution.

The principle is simple. A zone is previously defined as authorized for your Kaikadi. And when your dog, equipped with his sensor collar tries to leave this area, the system will alarm him by emitting an alert noise or an electrostatic stimulation.

We advise you to choose the:

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

Look at the price

The PetSafe collar is one of the best system that can be ordered on the Internet. This collar will automatically activate an audible warning signal when your Kaikadi approaches the security perimeter too close. If your Kaikadi is stubborn, this collar will trigger a static electrostatic stimulation that is safe for your dog.

This equipment includes, among other things, an adjustable nylon receiver collar with 4 adjustable levels of static stimulation, 1 vibration option and 1 sound signal mode.

Users’ opinions

Product very well rated on the internet. The comments are excellent. They confirm that this type of collar and installation is effective and works well on their dog. Dogs quickly understand the perimeter limits and therefore respect the forbidden places.

A Kaikadi owner says his dog shook the first week because he didn’t know the limits and then quickly got used to it and hasn’t escaped since. It is like on a fenced field and does not approach the limits.

Finally, one user explained that she appreciated the good price/quality ratio.

Your Kaikadi runaway – GPS tracker for dogs

A GPS tracker? YES, it can help you if you have already done everything, education, fencing, kong… but your Kaikadi still manages to escape.

Indeed, this equipment will be very practical to find it if your Kaikadi systematically runs away from your home, your holiday destination or even during a hike…

This is the most efficient and cheapest system:

Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker

     Look at the price

Thanks to the GPS Tractive location device, you can check the location of your dog on your smartphone or on a computer at any time. Your dog’s position is displayed in real time on a digital map. You can monitor it at any time and always know where your Kaikadi is. And if he ran away, you’ll know where to find him!

Attention, just like for telephones, this system is associated with a subscription.

Users’ opinions

All opinions indicate that it is a very good product. They point out that it is a reliable GPS, that its installation is simple and that it is very easy to start up. The usefulness of this GPS is mainly mentioned in the comments. Example of a person who, since his purchase, no longer stresses as before when his Kaikadi escapes because he knows she will get it back!

A user confirms that the location is very accurate thanks to real-time tracking and metre accuracy.