You have just adopted a Beauceron puppy. And it’s joy and happiness in your family! But now, it is necessary to equip your doggie for the inside of your house but also for the outside…. And the collar and leash are essential from the very first day your Beauceron baby is taken out. This article will help you to understand why and how to choose the best collar for your Beauceron puppy.

Why do you need a collar for your Beauceron puppy?

This is useful first of all to identify your doggie. Indeed, the necklace may have a plaque or medal with its name and your address or telephone number. So, if you lose him, the person who will retrieve him will have no difficulty contacting you very quickly. In other words, the collar is your puppy’s first piece of identification.

But the collar is also essential to attach a leash…

Why is it imperative to keep your Beauceron puppy on a leash?

First of all, you should know that this is required in public places.

But it will be necessary mostly for his own safety as soon as you take him out of your home. Indeed, by keeping him on a leash, you will prevent him from getting lost or crossing an avenue full of cars… You will protect him from any danger.

And since walking at a pace following his master is not at all natural for a puppy, it will be necessary to educate him gradually in order to teach him to walk at your pace calmly, without pulling, without getting angry…

How to get your Beauceron puppy to wear the collar?

You should start by getting him used to wearing his collar before adding the leash.

To do this, I advise you to put it in place when he is distracted by something else and leave it for a few hours. Make sure that he does not squeeze his neck too tightly but also that he cannot remove it. I advise you to put his collar on from time to time for several days so that he gets used to it gradually.

As soon as he easily accepts to put on his collar, you can add the leash. Thus, you will gradually accustom him to walk at your pace without compelling him or scolding him. The walk should be a moment of pleasure for your puppy. Don’t ask him too much at once….

How to choose a collar for a Beauceron puppy?

In this post, you will find all our tips to choose the right material that will perfectly suit your Beauceron puppy to do his training on the collar and leash.

We have made a selection of the best Beauceron puppy collars according to quality criteria and different uses (walk, anti-fugue, training, anti-flea…).

In addition to the aesthetic side, a good collar for your Beauceron puppy will be a collar:

  • which will not wear out too quickly and will last until the adult age of your Beauceron;
  • adjustable to adapt to your Beauceron’s size, which will evolve very quickly as he grows;
  • comfortable and pleasant to wear by your puppy.

Our selection of 2 best Beauceron puppy collars

Leather collar for Beauceron puppies

A leather collar is the basic and essential collar that you should buy first for your Beauceron puppy. It will be used for daily walks. As soon as he is used to wearing the collar, it can be worn at all times by your Beauceron puppy without any discomfort. Made of leather, it is very strong. 

Didog Cute Leather Padded Custom Dog Collar

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Qualities of this collar

  • Strong and resistant;
  • Practical to set up;
  • Comfortable;
  • Elegant (your Beauceron puppy doesn’t care but it can be important for you…) !
  • With identification badge of your Beauceron

Users’ opinions

Comments say that it is a very pretty collar, that the color is beautiful and that it is very suitable for a puppy barely 5 months old.

Other opinions insist on the quality of this collar, especially one who says that the leather is flexible enough not to damage his puppy’s neck.

Synthetic collar for Beauceron puppies

This type of polyester or nylon collar is extremely strong and comes in a range of colours and sizes to suit your Beauceron puppy’s needs. They are practical, dry quickly, do not deform and are not very expensive. However, it is important to choose a collar with a metal and especially not plastic leash attachment loop!

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

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Qualities of this collar

  • These collars are very strong but also confortable for your Beauceron;
  • They are made of strong yet flexible and soft nylon webbing;
  • These nylon collars are easy to wash and clean.
  • They are personalized with your Beauceron name and phone number permanently stitched into the collar for long lasting identification.
  • These collars have a very good value for money.

Users’ opinions

Comments from puppy owners focus on the pretty colours of this collar and its strength.

The quality of the product is highlighted as well as its flexibility and ease of installation.

One person summed up his opinion by saying that it is cheap, easy to wear and that it is an impeccable necklace!

The very good price/quality ratio is often mentioned in the users’ opinions.