You have noticed that your Miniature Bull Terrier loses a lot of hair. In the same way, you are worried about your Miniature Bull Terrier, you keep picking up Miniature Bull Terrier hairs, brushing your clothes, shaking the carpets… Let’s see below why your Miniature Bull Terrier loses its hair and how to reduce this problem.

Your Miniature Bull Terrier is losing its hair – Why?

Your Miniature Bull Terrier loses its hair – Shedding periods

Shedding process for Miniature Bull Terrier is characterized by a greater loss of hair during 2 periods (spring and autumn). So there’s no need to worry if your Miniature Bull Terrier loses its hair in early spring and autumn. It is a natural phenomenon that allows the Miniature Bull Terrier to coat itself with a coat that is more adapted to the upcoming season.

But as the life of the Miniature Bull Terrier has changed from the time they stayed outdoors all day, the shedding system has also changed. Indeed, the fact that the Miniature Bull Terrier stays all day in a heated dwelling all year round disrupts the natural phenomenon of shedding. This way, your Miniature Bull Terrier may lose its hair permanently. This is called false shedding.

Your Miniature Bull Terrier loses too much hair – Pathologies

If you notice a sudden loss of hair in large quantities, if your Miniature Bull Terrier is often itchy and you have identified that it is not a moult, it could be a medical problem.

Indeed, parasitic diseases (scabies, fleas…) cause inflammation and “pruritus” (Miniature Bull Terrier which itches) and can lead to hair loss. Your Miniature Bull Terrier may also have an internal parasite, fungal, bacterial infection or any other pathology.

In this case, I advise you to quickly show your Miniature Bull Terrier to his veterinarian.

Your Miniature Bull Terrier loses its hair – What to do?

Control hair loss with regular brushing

By brushing your Miniature Bull Terrier regularly, you can help remove dead hair before they fall out. This way, your interior will be better preserved and your Miniature Bull Terrier will have a more beautiful coat. In addition, it is the way to check if your Miniature Bull Terrier does not have fleas, ticks or lesions.

The most powerful brush on the market is the Furminator.

The FURMINATOR brush for Miniature Bull Terrier

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Of all the brushes on the market, it is the most effective tool for removing dead hairs and undercoats from your Miniature Bull Terrier. This brush removes bristles without breaking them and without hurting your Miniature Bull Terrier. In the FURMINATOR range, I have selected in particular the Shedding Anti-Moulting Tool.

Users’ opinions

Super-efficient, top, spectacular, stunning, extra… adjectives and superlatives are very numerous in the comments of the users of this brush.

The majority of opinions confirm that it is a very efficient brush. Very good marks for the quality of the product, its robustness and efficiency. One person testified that her effectiveness is spectacular and that it is the only brush she has tried that does her job as well.

Reduce hair loss by adopting a healthy diet

Diet can affect the health as well as the coat quality of your Miniature Bull Terrier. For your Miniature Bull Terrier to have a remarkable coat, its diet must be of good quality, rich in good fatty acids and vitamins. So be careful about the quality of the food you give him (see our article on what are the best croquettes for Miniature Bull Terrier?).

In addition, there are several ways to supplement your Miniature Bull Terrier’s diet to limit hair loss. Vitamins, fatty acids, omega 3 can be added to your Miniature Bull Terrier’s regular diet. Some add salmon or rapeseed oil, others give special food supplements for a healthy coat.

Reduce hair loss with brewer’s yeast

Brewers Yeast Dog Chewables

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It is the most effective food supplement (widely known and used in Europe). This product is a stimulant for hair growth and quality because it promotes the synthesis of keratin (hair protein) and slows down sebum production (reducing hair fat). Brewer’s yeast makes the coat shine and reduces hair loss.

Prevent hair loss by providing good hygiene

If it is recommended to clean your Miniature Bull Terrier to ensure good hygiene, too frequent baths could have negative consequences on hair loss.

A recommendation: Do not bathe your Miniature Bull Terrier more than once a month. The skin of your Miniature Bull Terrier could be weakened.

As we have studied in our article What is the best shampoo for a Miniature Bull Terrier, there are specially designed specific shampoos to fight against hair loss.

FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

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FURMINATOR shampoo is recommended by veterinarians and dog groomers for its high quality.

Hypoallergenic, it is designed to reduce hair loss. It is recommended to use it in addition to the FURMINATOR brush. Its composition is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, which contributes to the good health of the Miniature Bull Terriers’ skin but above all to the reduction of hair loss. It is a good product with a very unbeatable price for premium quality.

Users’ opinions

Very good comments saying that this shampoo is a quality product. Many people testify that after applying the Miniature Bull Terriers to the coat, they noticed more softness in the coat and shinier hair…

A minor drawback: users don’t like the coconut smell.