Most of Dogo Guatemalteco lose their hair. The severity of the fall depends on their age, gender and external factors, such as stress, temperature, diet or seasonal changes (see our article: My Dogo Guatemalteco is losing its hair, what should I do?). As we have seen in this article, hair loss is a normal process that cannot be stopped. However, it can be limited with the FURminator brush.

But since the brush range of FURMINATOR is quite extensive, you don’t know how to choose the best FURMINATOR for your Dogo Guatemalteco. To help you, in this post, we have made a small selection of the best FURMINATOR brushes for Dogo Guatemalteco.

Why a Furminator brush for your Dogo Guatemalteco?

Among the many brushes for Dogo Guatemalteco, the Furminator brush is the most successful. Indeed, it is definitely the best because it is the most effective. Here are in a few words the main advantages of this brush:

  • It reduces hair loss in your Dogo Guatemalteco by up to 90%, keeping your home, car and clothing clean.
  • It allows your Dogo Guatemalteco to have a clean, healthy and strong skin and coat by avoiding the formation of knots and fur balls under the topcoat.
  • It does not hurt your Dogo Guatemalteco (cut) and does not damage its coat thanks to its precise stainless steel edge.
  • It promotes the renewal of the coat without irritating the skin and by ridding it of allergens.
  • It is easy to use and as effective as professional grooming.

For best results, use the Furminator tool once or twice a week by brushing for 10 to 20 minutes.

The wide range of Furminator brushes

There are many models that are adapted to the different sizes of the dogs and different hair lengths. With our indications below, you will find more easily the Furminator model that will best correspond to your Dogo Guatemalteco.

Furminator has planned 2 ranges of brushes: those designed for dogs with long hairs and those designed for dogs with short hairs.

For each of these categories, you will find 4 models that are adapted to the different sizes :

  • Size S: for small dogs
  • Size M: for dogs of medium size
  • Size L: for large dogs
  • Size XL: for very large dogs

How to choose the best Furminator for your Dogo Guatemalteco?

First of all, be careful to choose the right brush for Dogo Guatemalteco. Indeed, Furminator has developed its tools also for horses, cats and small animals.

When you are in the category of Furminator brushes for dogs, don’t get the wrong brush range (short bristles or long bristles).

Then simply check the size match of your Dogo Guatemalteco or of your Dogo Guatemalteco puppy and choose from the range of sizes listed above.

Furminator for Dogo Guatemalteco – User’s opinion

Whatever the different types of Furminator brushes used according to the sizes, breeds, ages of the Dogo Guatemalteco, users are all satisfied with their purchase.

This product is very well rated by Internet users, particularly for its efficiency and solidity. Here are some of the terms used in many of the comments:

Top – The best – Magic – Awesome – Hyper efficient – Essential….

Furminator for Dogo Guatemalteco – What price?

The Furminator brush is an excellent product and one of the best brushes for your Dogo Guatemalteco. Its only disadvantage is its price, which remains quite high. Generally, it is between 20 and 40 $ depending on the models. It is of course true that it is on internet that you will get the best price.

Here are the main Furminator brushes available at the best price on Amazon.

Furminator for Dogo Guatemalteco – Our selection

Classic Furminator (the cheapest)

This Furminator brush will be perfect for the daily grooming of your Dogo Guatemalteco. It is suitable for the majority of Dogo Guatemalteco regardless of the length of their hair. It is one of the most popular because it is super efficient and comes in several different sizes.

Here is the Furminator model that will adapt to the majority of Dogo Guatemalteco:

Look at the price

Furminator new model (the best)

This brush is certainly the best Furminator brush for Dogo Guatemalteco. Indeed, Furminator Furflex adapts perfectly to the shape and natural morphology of the Dogo Guatemalteco. It is more ergonomic and its shape facilitates intensive brushing. The FURejector button releases hair more easily. It is suitable for the majority of Dogo Guatemalteco and comes in all sizes: S-M-L-XL.

Look at the price

 FURminator for Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool