Often given to your American Bully when you leave to relieve your guilt or to distract him, treats are part of your dog’s daily life. You also give it to him to reward him when he has obeyed an order or when he has been wise, or when you return from a long absence…

Giving a treat to your American Bully is a way to communicate with him, to convey a message, to make him understand something. It is also a way to strengthen the emotional bonds you have with your child.

However, these treats must be given in moderation so that your American Bully does not become obese or obsessed with these treats… In addition, they must be nutritionally balanced and adapted to your American Bully so as not to risk making him sick.

In the article below, we will help you to select the best dog treats for American Bully that you can buy and give without fear but always in moderation!

When to give a treat to your American Bully?

First of all, don’t give your American Bully a treat without a good reason. There’s no point in giving your dog something to eat for no particular reason. He is not hungry, it is not mealtime, he will be happy but will not understand why you give him a treat… If you do, instinctively your American Bully will be tempted to come and ask again and again for this treat and if you give in, he will think that he only needs to ask for it to get.

It’s the same with the treat you give him when you leave him alone. Certainly, this helps you to feel a little guilt-free, but the risk is to give your American Bully too many treats. Indeed, if you leave 10 times during the day, he will expect to have a treat at each departure… and this, every day… The advice in this case is to give treats only for long absences and only in a Kong that will keep him busy for a long time.

It is wise to associate sweets with reward and therefore with obedience behaviours.

The treat is then an educational tool. You make your American Bully work and reward him by offering him snacks. In this way, they will be associated with learning, exercise or even a game and will help him/her to better meet your expectations.

What you shouldn’t give to your American Bully

First of all, you should know that sugar is a real poison for your puppy. Indeed, regularly giving sugar or sweet foods to your American Bully predisposes it to diabetes mellitus.

Just as in humans, the risks associated with dog diabetes are all equally serious and serious: long-term vision loss, obesity, behavioural disorders…

Among the sweet products, one is to be absolutely and definitively prohibited: chocolate. Indeed, it contains theobromine, a substance that is dangerous for American Bully, capable of causing fatal poisonings if ingested in high doses.

Finally, you should also not give leftovers from your diet as “treats” to your American Bully. Indeed, the risk is to give in addition to your daily ration an additional food too rich in fat and too energetic. This would very quickly lead to an overweight problem that could have serious consequences on the health of your American Bully.

What good treats to give to your American Bully?

The ideal is to choose treats specially designed for dogs. They are, for the most part, developed by veterinarians and offer all the guarantees regarding the intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Pork ears, bones, chewing sticks can satisfy your companion while avoiding excesses. Some of them are even designed to specifically meet the needs of dogs according to their breed, size and age.

But the products are numerous and not all of good quality….

That’s why we found it interesting to compare the different products on the market and select the best treats for American Bully.

Best treats for American Bully – Training dog treats   

Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers

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Why choose these treats to educate your American Bully?

  • For their size: Indeed, they are very small. This way, you can give it more often in very small quantities without any real impact on the weight of your American Bully. These little bites are perfect to reward your dog at any time.
  • For their composition because if they are natural, without artificial colours or flavours.
  • They are not caloric (only 3 kcal) and are perfectly adapted to the American Bully.
  • For their soft texture that makes them ideal for small or older dogs.
  • And because they are made in USA!

Users’ opinions

Many of them are praising these sweets as Top Top, the ideal reward, perfect…. The comments also indicate a very small price that is much appreciated.

Finally, the gourmet side of these sweets is reflected in many comments. For example, one Internet user says that his dogs love them and that thanks to these sweets, he gets a lot of results for the basic orders of his American Bully.

Best treats for American Bully – Filled dog bone

Filled Dog Bones (Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef, etc.)

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Why choose these bones for your American Bully?

The ideal chew bone to diversify rewards

Indeed, you must associate a type of treat according to the reason for the reward. If the expectation you have of your American Bully is important and difficult for him, his reward should be of great value. Save the mini-treats for basic repetitive learning and reward with a larger treat when your American Bully has accomplished or obeys in a more exceptional way. As it will take him a long time to trim it, this award has a strong added value for your American Bully.

The ideal chew bone for its composition 

It is a chewable bone filled with a mixture of meat with diverse and delicious flavours. Rich in protein, the American Bully take a long time to eat and taste. Without artificial colours or flavours, and without too many calories, this product is good for the health of your American Bully.

Users’ opinions

Very good ratings noted on the Internet. The quality of this delicacy is highlighted. One person says it’s a very good product, that he hasn’t tasted it personally, but when he looks at his dog, he knows he’s enjoying it. Another person says that his American Bully is gnawing at him gently and that he feels like he wants to keep it as long as possible…

Best treats for American Bully – Pork ears

HDP Large Roasted Pork Ear Pack of 100

This is a delicacy that is not very well known in the USA but is very successful in Europe.

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Why choose pork ears for your American Bully?

  • First of all because it is a 100% natural product.
  • In addition, they are high in protein and low in calories.
  • The American Bully love them because they are hard and therefore chew for a long time.