Whether your Spanish Mastiff is 6 months, 1 year or 5 years old, you will have to transport him by car one day or the other. Indeed, for a visit to the veterinarian, for a trip on vacation or for a walk in the woods, your Spanish Mastiff will have to be transported by car.

So you’re probably wondering how to do it? Where to put your Spanish Mastiff: on a seat, in the box, attached, in a cage?

This article will help you to know the different modes of transport of a Spanish Mastiff by car and the equipments that guarantees your safety as well as his.

Transporting an Spanish Mastiff by car – Good practices

Before thinking about transport safety, it is essential to remember a few basic concepts for the well-being of your Spanish Mastiff:

  • Get your Spanish Mastiff used to getting into your car regularly from an early age.
    So that he doesn’t get too stressed, take the time to gradually get him used to the car. You can make several short trips, reward him with a treat so that he associates transport with positive things…
  • Never leave your Spanish Mastiff alone in the car, even with the window open, in the shade or even in winter (risk of excessive heat, injuries…)
  • When travelling by car with your Spanish Mastiff, stop every 2 hours for his needs and give him something to drink.
  • Ensure that the driver is safe.
  • Make sure that your Spanish Mastiff is safe.

Traveling by car with a Spanish Mastiff – Safety of your Spanish Mastiff

Only one essential rule to follow: Do not leave your Spanish Mastiff free in the car. Indeed, he could be hurt, fall or suffer an impact if he brakes hard. You will see below the different modes of transport and their accessories that you will adapt to your Spanish Mastiff, in particular to guarantee its safety.

Traveling by car with a Spanish Mastiff – Driver safety

It makes good sense to say that the driver should not be distracted, molested, embarrassed or upset while driving! In addition, the road code specifies that the driver must have full control of his vehicle, that his “possibilities of movement and field of vision must not be reduced by the number or position of passengers, by objects…”. It is therefore important to ensure that your Spanish Mastiff does not disturb you while driving your vehicle. To do this, you have several solutions: put it in a box, tie it in front, put it in the back, put it in the trunk, with a net or a separation grid…

Traveling by car with a Spanish Mastiff – Where to put your Spanish Mastiff?

Transport crate

It is a solution that I would rather recommend for puppies or young Spanish Mastiff because you will be able to get them used to it more easily. It is also made for the Spanish Mastiff adults but some may be more resistant. Thanks to this box, you will drive with peace of mind since the Spanish Mastiff will not move.

Where to place the crate for the transport of your Spanish Mastiff in your car?

It is up to you to see where to put it according to the size of the box, the important thing being that it is well positioned so that it does not move.

If the body is large, it is best to put it in the trunk, but it must be strapped so that it does not move in the event of sudden braking or violent impact.

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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It is one of the best crates sold online. It is sold in several sizes to fit the size of your Spanish Mastiff. The presence of 2 doors is practical. The locks guarantee a secure closure. Well designed, this cage can be installed and folded in a few seconds. And above all, there is no angle, corner, or piece of metal that protrudes and could hurt your Spanish Mastiff. This space-saving cage is easy to fold.

Users’ opinions

Many good opinions: quality, size, solidity… I noticed many good comments as for this Internet user who tells us that she bought this crate to accustom her puppy to transport by car but that it is her Spanish Mastiff one adult who took her place.

Carry your Spanish Mastiff in the trunk of the car

This is the solution that owners of large dogs choose. I recommend this mode of transport for the Spanish Mastiff adults. It is the most secure solution for both the driver and the Spanish Mastiff. Of course, your Spanish Mastiff will have to be used to it before it is stressed.

And in addition, you will have to make sure that your Spanish Mastiff cannot jump into the passenger compartment of the car. To do this, I advise you to buy a grid or a separation net that you will have to place between the boot and the rest of the car.

Here is a good effective net to block access to the front of the vehicle, practical and easy to attach and with an excellent value for money:

Veckle Cargo Liner SUV Cargo Cover for Dog

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This protective trunk cover will also be useful to keep your car clean. The one I have selected is waterproof, non-slip, robust and suitable for most cars, SUVs and Van. Its fixing system is very practical.

Carry your Spanish Mastiff on the back seats of the car

This is another solution if you don’t have room in the trunk or if your Spanish Mastiff is too stressed and needs to feel closer.

In this case, either your Spanish Mastiff is attached to the seat belt, which is connected to a harness (not a collar), or you use a seat cover for Spanish Mastiff. This last equipment is preferred because you keep your car clean.

Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

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We have chosen a very good cover with a good quality/price ratio that:

  • protects your back seat from scratches, dirt, hair…
  • can be easily installed like a hammock,
  • has a fastening system (free seat belt),
  • is waterproof and of good quality, durable, resistant,
  • adjustable strap to fit all cars.

Carry your puppy on the front seat of the car

Dog Pet Car Seat Covers

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Here is the ideal equipment to transport your little Spanish Mastiff in your car by keeping it close to you (provided it is calm). It can also be installed in the back seat of your car. This hammock-shaped seat/bag (or car seat) comes with an adjustable leash for a secure hold of your Spanish Mastiff. You can provide an additional attachment if necessary. This seat is waterproof and robust.

2-in-1 function: It can be folded like a basket and also like a simple seat cover.