Unlike the moles that will decorate your garden with small mounds, since you adopted your Lapponian Herder, your garden has become a golf course! Indeed, you have noticed holes all over your grass and the responsible person is none other than your Lapponian Herder. So what can you do to stop him? Punish your Lapponian Herder? Stop him from going into the garden? First of all, you will have to find out why your Lapponian Herder is digging. So you can find a solution to stop or limit the disaster… This post will help you to better understand and give you some tips to stop your Lapponian Herder from digging in your garden.

Your Lapponian Herder digs from time to time

Your Lapponian Herder digs because he’s a dog. And yes, whatever the breed, a dog digs naturally to have fun, to look for smells, to protect itself from heat or to hide a bone. There is no need to scold your Lapponian Herder if he sometimes makes a hole from time to time to bury one of his treasures in it. He would not understand what he has done wrong and the reprimand will not help. If this phenomenon is moderate, it will have to be accepted because it is instinctive and natural.

Your Lapponian Herder digs very often

However, if your Lapponian Herder gets into the practice of digging very often and everywhere, it may be because it is bored. Indeed a dog needs exercises and if your Lapponian Herder lacks activity, it will try to fill this gap by digging.

Your Lapponian Herder is digging too much – what to do?

Making a Lapponian Herder stop digging – Get some physical exercise

First of all, you will need to adopt the habit of walking him for at least 30 minutes a day, running him and playing with him. Indeed, if he has been physically active enough, your Lapponian Herder will not want to dig. He will think about resting quietly and you will find that there will be fewer holes in your garden.

Making a Lapponian Herder stop digging – Make him distracted

To avoid boredom when you leave, another solution is to give him toys when he is alone outside. I recommend the famous Kong with its candy that can distract him for hours. With his attention so busy, your Lapponian Herder will think less about digging your land….

Indeed, loneliness and boredom will anguish or stress your Lapponian Herder. This is what drives him to unwanted behaviour such as digging, barking or destroying objects… But if you give him a well-stocked KONG of candy when he stays outside alone, it can distract him for hours. His attention thus occupied, he will not be bored and your Lapponian Herder will think less about digging your ground….

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Making a Lapponian Herder stop digging – Educate him

If, despite everything, your Lapponian Herder continues to dig everywhere, you will have to train your dog. You can teach him to dig only in a limited area.

You will need to define a place on your property where your Lapponian Herder will be allowed to dig (by surrounding it with stones or making a sandbox). It will be necessary to hide food or toys from him precisely at this place and make him understand that he has the right to dig there.

However, use the NO and STOP with a strong and authoritative tone when you catch him digging outside the defined area. It will be necessary to be firm and always show him the place that is authorized (intended). By repeating these renunciation orders, your Lapponian Herder will gradually understand that he can only dig in his own area. So, your Lapponian Herder will continue to dig as his instinct demands but your garden will be preserved!