Among all the equipment (accessories) to be provided when your Deutsche Bracke arrives, there is of course the bowl. And then you think to yourself: no problem, nothing is easier than buying a bowl for my Deutsche Bracke! But you’ll see that it’s not as simple as it seems. This post will tell you more and answer the following questions: Why use a bowl? In which material is it better to choose the bowl for your Deutsche Bracke? What size should I take? What will be the best shape of bowl for your Deutsche Bracke?

Why use a bowl for my Deutsche Bracke?

Some people will think that a plate or cup will do just as well. It’s true that it’s always a possibility but remember that a plate can break, especially if your Deutsche Bracke throws itself on the food. With a plate or a cup, your Deutsche Bracke can also spill its food anywhere.

It should be noted that, for a good education (good practice), a Deutsche Bracke must be able to easily identify the recipient in which he is allowed to eat and drink. It is therefore preferable that it has its own recipient.

So, not only will the bowl be solid and stable, but it will be more easily recognized and used by your Deutsche Bracke.

Which material should I choose for the bowl of my Deutsche Bracke?

Before buying a bowl for your Deutsche Bracke, you should think that it must be solid, light and easy to maintain.

It is important to avoid all materials that break and materials that are too heavy and will not be easy to use.

The ideal for a daily use bowl will be to choose it in stainless steel. Both resistant and lightweight, stainless steel is easy to wash, which is important because the bowl must be cleaned every day to prevent the growth of bacteria.

And to prevent the bowl from moving too much, it should be checked that it has the bottom (base) made of non-slip rubber.

Moreover, stainless steel bowls are really cheap.

Bowl for Deutsche Bracke – What size should I use?

The bowls are available for all sizes of dogs. It’s up to you to see the right size for your puppy or your Deutsche Bracke adult. But as you will need 2 (one for water and another for food), I recommend that you take them large enough. Indeed, your Deutsche Bracke must be able to drink at will and not run out of water. So at least take a fairly large bowl for water (essential in summer) and remember to change the water regularly.

Which classic bowl should I choose for a Deutsche Bracke?

If you are looking for sturdy, practical and well adapted bowls for your Deutsche Bracke, taking well-stable stainless steel bowls is a good choice. Your Deutsche Bracke will appreciate them and you will have them for many years. These are basic, classic and high quality bowls.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

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We have selected below the best stainless steel bowls for Deutsche Bracke in a set of 2.

Made of high quality stainless steel, these bowls are durable and do not retain odours. The bottom is equipped with a rubber ring that allows this bowl to stay in place during the meal of your Deutsche Bracke. In addition, these bowls have a scratch-resistant design and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Users’ opinions

Users have rated this product very highly. They confirm that this bowl is of high quality, lightweight and easy to clean (the rubber can be easily removed and replaced). Others point out that the anti-slip seal works perfectly well and that after several years of use and despite frequent cleaning, these bowls are still in great condition! 

Which anti-gulping bowl or slow feeder bowl to choose for a Deutsche Bracke?

For the Deutsche Bracke who are a too voracious, the anti-gulping or slow feeder bowls can slow down the ingestion of food. It is important to limit food intake because eating too fast can cause digestive problems.

This type of bowl may be particularly suitable for fat or obese Deutsche Bracke so that they feel that their meal lasts longer.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl Healthy Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

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Here is a slow feeding bowl with optimized features:

  • Made of high quality melamine;
  • The bumps in the middle ensure a smaller bite, which will prevent bloating and overfeeding;
  • easy cleaning by hand or by dishwasher;
  • Good stability and dimensions.

Users’ opinions

Good comments about the efficacy of this product: with this bowl, puppies do not eat too fast. One user mentioned that this bowl was purchased on the vet’s recommendation and that she recommends it for all greedy dogs. Good appreciation also for its qualities: Great and solid.

Which raised bowl to choose for a Deutsche Bracke?

For a better comfort of your Deutsche Bracke especially if it is old, it will be preferable to choose raised bowls. Indeed, with this type of bowl, you will avoid that your doggie does not eat in an uncomfortable position, he will not have to bend down too much to eat. In addition, thanks to a high bowl, the digestion of your Deutsche Bracke will be easier.

Among the many models on Internet, we have selected adjustable equipment that you will use throughout the life of your Deutsche Bracke by positioning it according to its size.

Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable

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  • Perfect to adapt perfectly to the size of your Deutsche Bracke according to its age
  • Quality material: stainless steel and plastic

Users’ opinions

The opinions are mostly very positive: Great product, perfect, excellent, to recommend! Many point out that this equipment is adaptable, practical and easy to move. Its price is also well noted because it would be much more interesting on Amazon than in pet stores or supermarkets.

Which travel bowl to choose for a Deutsche Bracke?

If you have to move your Deutsche Bracke often or travel with it, we recommend that you plan 2 travel bowls.

For more convenience, a special dog travel bag includes the 2 foldable bowls and everything your Deutsche Bracke will need for its travel. Please note that this bag is approved for air travel.

Top Dog Travel Bag – Airline Approved Travel Set for Dogs

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We have selected one of the best travel equipment integrating 2 good quality bowls that will meet the qualities required for travel bowls for your Deutsche Bracke.

Users’ opinions

Users are satisfied with the practicality of these bowls. Some point out that these bowls are perfectly adapted to their Deutsche Bracke, both for eating and drinking. Others say they are easy to transport and clean in a few minutes, perfect for travel in a very practical bag!