It will be very cold and your Swedish Lapphund must stay outside during the day. So you are considering offering him a beautiful dog house where he will be able to find refuge and feel comfortable. But faced with the large number of dog houses on the market, you are lost and do not know which one to choose for your Swedish Lapphund.
Here is a post that will help you understand the importance of a doghouse, how to choose a good doghouse, how to get your Swedish Lapphund acclimatised to its doghouse and finally which are the best doghouses for Swedish Lapphund.

The importance of the doghouse for your Swedish Lapphund

If you don’t want your Swedish Lapphund to be unhappy when you leave him outside, in the garden, especially when it’s cold, if you want your Swedish Lapphund to have its own little place where he will feel safe, then the doghouse is the right solution. Indeed, a dog house will give him a feeling of security, the comfort of a cosy little nest and will allow him to protect himself from the bad weather (wind, rain, cold) but also to protect himself from the sun and the heat in summer.

How to choose a good doghouse for a Swedish Lapphund?

What size for a Swedish Lapphund doghouse?

One of the essential criteria for choosing a good dog house will be its size. Indeed, the kennel must be adapted to the size of your dog. It must not be too spacious under any circumstances. This is because it is with the body temperature of your Swedish Lapphund that the niche will warm up.
Of course, it should not be too small either because your Swedish Lapphund may not be able to fit in. The dog house should be about 10 cm higher and longer than your dog. He must be able to sit and turn around easily.
It is therefore the size of your Swedish Lapphund or of your puppy that will determine the size of the house that will suit him.

Which material for a good doghouse for your Swedish Lapphund?

Plastic doghouse models are cheaper and have the advantage of being easily washable.
However, it is a not very solid and not very insulative material which will not protect your Swedish Lapphund from cold or heat….
It will therefore be advisable to choose a wooden doghouse. Indeed, wood allows the niche to be well isolated from cold and hot weather. In addition, it is a strong and resistant material that you can keep for years.

Where to install the your Swedish Lapphund doghouse?

To protect your Swedish Lapphund from the cold, wind and rain, it is advisable to install the doghouse in as sheltered a place as possible, facing south (against a wall, under a terrace, under a large tree…).
And, in summer if necessary, you can move the doghouse to put it in the shade and avoid that the heat becomes unbearable inside.
The floor-standing doghouse models for raising it are more suitable for protection against the cold. If the doghouse you choose is not elevated, you can place it on bricks or blocks to prevent soil moisture from reaching the doghouse floor.

How to get your Swedish Lapphund acclimated to its doghouse?

Training in the doghouse is ideal when your Swedish Lapphund is still young.
First of all, it will be necessary to make the inside of the doghouse comfortable. You will need to equip it with a good bed cushion (see our article: The 5 best dog beds for Swedish Lapphund). Then, you will have to add a wool that has your scent, an old sweater, a blanket he already knows so that he can find the smells he likes.
You should not force your Swedish Lapphund into the niche but on the contrary reassure him. So that he can enter gradually and by himself, from time to time, try to play with him by throwing toys inside. Then you can throw some sweets at him and repeat these operations until he settles down by himself in his small shelter.

Best doghouses for Swedish Lapphund

Petsfit doghouse Outdoor – The best value for money

Look at the price

This is a good classic wooden dog house that will satisfy the majority of Swedish Lapphund.
It is made of wood with a solid, waterproof roof. In addition, the roof opens and folds down. This option is convenient for niche maintenance. In addition, this doghouse is raised and therefore better protected from soil moisture.
It comes in several sizes that may suit your puppy or your adult Swedish Lapphund

Users’ opinions

A majority of opinions indicate that it is a quality niche (product of excellent manufacture), that it is solid and waterproof.
Good appreciations on the ease of assembly (easy, easy and fast). Many emphasize the good value for money and the speed of delivery.

Extra solid wood dog houses – The best for Swedish Lapphund

Look at the price

For those looking for a beautiful dog house for several dogs, solid and well insulated, this model is the TOP. This beautiful house has all the qualities you are looking for in a niche: wood, waterproof roof, plastic curtains to protect your Swedish Lapphund from the cold and wind… Its greatest asset: it can contain 2 dogs!

  • For multiple dogs or one large dog
  • Dimensions: 73W x 39D x 42H inches
  • Includes 2 free dog doors
  • Unique and original house design
  • Solid wood construction