Food is a very important point that contributes to the health of your Labrador Retriever. And if you want your Labrador Retriever to be in good physical condition and full of energy, it will be essential to feed it properly. When he is well fed, a Labrador Retriever will have good musculature and better articulations. It is also the cornerstone of his weight: Food must be healthy and well balanced to maintain his weight stable. This is the essential condition to avoid to become obese over the years. Finally, the diet also affects the bones, teeth and hair of your Labrador Retriever. You need to be very careful with the food you are going to be offered.

That said, dry food (croquettes-kibbles) are the diet recommended by veterinarians for Labrador Retriever. They will allow your Labrador Retriever to be fed easily, quickly and efficiently without the risk of overdosing. They offer a healthy, balanced diet adapted to his expectations. Yes, but only if the dry food (kibbles) are of good quality.

That’s why we’ll help you choose the best dry food for your Labrador Retriever.

How to recognize dog food quality for your Labrador Retriever?

Without detailling too much about the composition of dry dog food for Labrador Retriever, 2 points are absolutely certain:

First of all, it is imperative to exclude first-price and lower-range dry dog food. The good kibbles for a Labrador Retriever should be those that are part of the PREMIUM range. These products are of high quality.

Then, you must know the the best dry dog food for Labrador Retriever should be elaborated on the recommendations of veterinary dieticians. Made using quality ingredients, they are properly dosed. That is why they are perfectly adapted to the nutritional needs of Labrador Retriever.

Therefore, if you want to check the quality of kibbles or croquettes, it is also necessary to read their composition. And as we are not all experts, here are some tips:

  • Compositions should be as precise and detailed as possible (too imprecise designations should be avoided);
  • Chicken meat, beef or pork meat, etc. should be mentioned as the first.
  • Proteins should represent more than 25% of the product;
  • Percentage of cereals should also be controlled: it should be as low as possible;
  • Kibbles should be cooked at low temperature or cold pressed (but this information is not always mentioned).

Specific and adapted dog food for your Labrador Retriever

Several brands offer kibbles or croquettes adapted to the specific needs of each dog. They are elaborated to satisfy the nutritional needs of your Labrador Retriever according to its age, activity and health. In fact, it is possible to choose between dry dog food classified according to:

  • The dog breeds (croquettes for Labrador Retriever, for Akita, for Bulldog, for Rottweiler,…);
  • The particular dietary needs of your specific Labrador Retriever (food for obese, diabetic, allergic, cardiac dogs, etc.);
  • Physiological expectations of your Labrador Retriever (adult dog, senior dog, growing puppy, spayed dog, sports dog, etc.).

Comparative french studies about best dry dog food

It is very difficult to find recent comparative studies on the quality of dry dog food (kibbles or croquettes). The latest serious studies we use in this post were conducted in France in March 2011 by “60 million consumers” and by “UFC’ s Que choisir” in October 2016. But for these two studies, the test criteria chosen were not always the right ones. In fact, their parameters were extremely diffuse and especially not complete.

The same applies to samples of tested brands. They tested first-rate manufacturers, but also low-end brands. But we know that they do not respect the basic principles of a good quality diet.

So we present here, for information, some of the brands highlighted in these studies: Hill’s Healthy mobility adult, Royal canin size health nutrition, Pro original senior plan, Virbac adult dog light, Eukanuba.

And among all these brands, I particularly recommend the following :

Labrador Retriever best food – Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Dog Food

Excellent value for money. And yes, it is a fact that while some people chose these croquettes above all for their price, they still continue because their Labrador Retriever hair is now softer and more shiny, because the health of their Labrador Retriever is perfect and trouble-free. Finally, many people say that they have been feeding their Labrador Retriever with these croquettes for several years and that everything is going well.

Look at the price

Best dry dog food Guide Eukanuba

Best food for Labrador Retriever – How we selected the best brands and products

Finally, it should be noted that no study ever shows the best universal dog food. They promote those who are better or designate the worst according to specific criteria and for specific categories: food for adult Labrador Retriever or puppies, light or old Labrador Retriever, etc.

As comparative studies are not sufficient to choose the right dry food for your Labrador Retriever, it is also necessary to refer to the opinions and comments of Labrador Retriever owners. Indeed, they are the ones who observe the effects and results of dry food on their Labrador Retriever on a daily basis. They will be in the best position to talk about quality, price and benefits.

It is also advisable to know the opinions and advice of veterinarians on the best Labrador Retriever kibbles. And it seems that professionals recommend more or less the same brands as the previous ones from french studies, but they are from the DIETETIC range: HILL’S, ADVANCE, ROYAL CANIN, PURINA PROPLAN and VIRBAC.

That’s why we’ve reviewed many comments and ratings about this brands and on many websites about Labrador Retriever and the most prominent products are as follows.

Best food for Labrador Retriever – Our selection of the best dry dog food


Best dry food for Labrador Retriever – Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Healthy Mobility

Look at the price

This is the product I also chose for Labrador Retriever for all its advantages : HILL’S Science Died – Adult Healthy Mobility. I recommend these dry dog food to keep your Labrador Retriever in good physical condition.

Even if these kibbles do not contain enough protein, they are well balanced and studied to maintain your Labrador Retriever in good health without it increasing in weight.

What do Labrador Retriever owners think?

Highly valued product. Buyers’ comments indicate their overall satisfaction and confirm that these croquettes are doing their job well. One of them says that his 14-year-old dog, which suffered from osteoarthritis, has regained his mobility thanks to these croquettes. Another gives them to his 10-year-old Labrador Retriever and says they have a clear effect on his dog’s joints. Since his dog is taking it, it feels good and moves easier and faster.

Best dry food for Labrador Retriever – Croquettes Royal Canin

Look at the price

In view of the many positive comments, I couldn’t resist mentioning this product (designed for small and medium dogs)!

These croquettes are among the best and most popular on the french market. Highly appetising, Labrador Retriever loves these well dosed and balanced dog food. To choose according to the specificities of your Labrador Retriever (age, weight, activity) or take their kibbles compatible with all major breeds: Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food 15 kg.

What do dogs owners think?

Well-valued product. The owners of Labrador Retriever indicate in the comments that they are very good kibbles. An opinion reveals that it is one of the best foods for his Labrador Retriever, which is completely tailored to the needs of his dog. Another woman calls the product PERFECT and says she advises without hesitation! Good ratings in terms of value for money. A customer specifies that the price is super right for a very, very, very good quality. In spite of everything, I have noticed one negative opinion about its composition (too many cereals).

Best dry food for Labrador Retriever – Purina Pro Plan the best of all

Look at the price

proplan dry dog food 1 of the best

Carefully balanced, this complete food is intended for adult dogs of all breeds. The Labrador Retriever like to eat this food because they have a double texture mixing soft pieces and crispy kibbles.

What do Labrador Retriever owners think?

The opinions are generally positive and specifically mention the pleasant side of these kibbles. Most say that their Labrador Retriever are very fond of them! Many testify that they have been using this product for several years and that their Labrador Retriever still loves them as much as ever. One user also points out that despite their very capricious Labrador Retriever, they have no problem with these kibbles. The comments are also very good in terms of their tolerance. A Labrador Retriever owner points out that these foods do not cause allergies to his dog, unlike supermarket foods.